Spot, Odour & Stain Removal Cape Town

We’ve all been in the situation whereby an accidental spill has left a nasty stain on the new carpet or treasured rug not to mention on the sofa, armchair or curtains. Red wine, Mud, chewing gum, glue, blood and coffee are some of the hardest and toughest stains to get rid of and conventional cleaning products just won’t cut it! Thankfully, help is at hand when you call our Professional Stain Removal Cape Town. We’ll quickly see to the issue, apply the correct stain removal chemicals and eliminate those nasty and unsightly marks for good!

stain removal cape town

Our professional cleaning specialists use various different types of stain removal methods and depending on your requirements, we will be sure to make the right choices so as not to damage your carpets, rugs or upholstery further. Steam cleaning and hot water extraction are some of the most common methods used along with an industry regulated high power stain remover. We repeat our process as many times as necessary but usually one application is all it takes and usually completed within a couple of hours.

Stain Removal Cape Town

Bad smells and odours can often occur in your home furnishings, rugs, carpets and upholstery over time especially when they are in consistent use such as by the front door, in the kitchen or other regularly used parts of your home. Dirt, mud and dust can leave an odour if not regularly cleaned so again, we utilise our expertise and apply a fresh, pleasant smelling shampoo where possible which cleans deep to rid odours for good. Don’t delay, call our Specialist Stain Removal in Cape Town team today on 021 300 1875 and let us do the hard work for you.