Rug Cleaners in Cape Town – All Types

We understand how much you value your Persian or Oriental rug and that’s why at our expert cleaning company, we will take good care of them! Rugs in consistent use will pick up dirt and unwanted spots or stains and odour over time and can of course become subject to liquid or food spills which invariably can cause a mark or stain. Our specialist Persian Rug Cleaners are fully trained in the art of deep cleaning using methods that will not only improve the look of your treasured rug but also prolong its life as well. We always aim for 100% customer satisfaction and our specialist rug cleaning Cape Town is no different – call today and see how we can transform the look of your old and tired looking rug today.

Each rug is always meticulously cleaned and depending on the type of rug you have, we can use different cleaning methods to achieve the best and longest lasting results. Our Specialist Rug Cleaners in Cape Town will advise on the best methods to use and take into account the material type, colour saturation, weave, age, fibre and dyes used to ensure a safe clean and maximum results. We will of course be able to use specialist chemicals to safely remove stains and stubborn spots also.

Oriental Persian Rug Cleaning Cape Town

The methods we use differ from each rug type but typically we will first vacuum the rug to remove dirt, grit and dust before then using a specialist rug roller to squeeze water through the rug on both sides. We then use a non-toxic specialist cleaning shampoo to soak through the weave and fibres to effectively clean right through. This process is repeated as necessary but usually one application does the trick. Finally, we will then rinse the rug thoroughly and use a water extractor to avoid any colour bleeding during the process and to speed up drying time. The result is that the rug is left relatively dry but is left overnight in our climate controlled drying room to ensure no moisture is left. We’ll have your rug back to you in no time looking and smelling like new.

Our specialist Rug Cleaners in Cape Town can confidently restore any rug type. From Persian Rug, Oriental Rug, Indian, Chinese & Afghan Rug, Wool Rug, Silk Rug, Hand Made Rug and Antique Rug. No job is too big or too small and our specialist facility can accommodate rugs of any shape or size. Call us today for a free estimate or to have your rug collected by one of our team. 021 300 1875


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