Mattress Cleaning Cape Town

Professionals recommend that you have you Mattress properly cleaned and sanitised at least once a year. Not only does this represent good practice for health & allergy reasons by removing dust but also helps to prevent bed bugs setting in and other harmful bacteria. Using Mattress protectors will help to prolong the life of your bed and keep it cleaner but deep cleaning using a steam clean method present high temperatures that can help to eliminate bugs, dust, dirt and other stains instantly leaving a fresh, odour free and healthy Mattress. Call the No1 Mattress Cleaning Cape Town Company today for a free estimate or to arrange a regular service contract.

mattress sanitising cape town

We use a hot water extraction method for all Mattress Cleaning in Cape Town. This method simultaneously cleans and dries your Mattress at the same time so ensures that the process is quick from start to finish with the whole job usually complete within 2 hours. We use ultra violet lighting to highlight troublesome spots that might not be visible to the naked eye such as bacteria. We then use non-toxic chemicals to clean deep into the fibres of the Mattress, eliminating dirt, fungus, bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites, odour and tough stains to leave a final result that is worthy of when you first brought it, thoroughly cleaned and 100% sanitised and deodorised.

mattress cleaning cape town

Our specialist cleaning team can rid your Mattress of tough stains or marks or if the Mattress has become heavily soiled. By using professional stain removal chemicals, we can actively eliminate stains, spots, marks, urine and other liquids making them untraceable and having your Mattress or Bed spread looking and smelling like new again in no time. Call our Expert Mattress Sanitising in Cape Town today on 021 300 1875 or drop us a quick email for a free quotation. The process is quick and hassle free and in most cases we offer a same day service.