Welcome to our Blog. We will post useful hints and tips here as well as information regarding our services and our company. In this first post, we will share some knowledge and facts about carpets and some useful hints to help keep your carpets fresh and bright in-between professional cleans.

Carpet Cleaning Cape Town Infographic

We all take pride in our carpets, especially the expensive ones such as Persian or Oriental. These types of carpet date back 100’s of years and the design and intricacy has developed over the years to make these items a stand out talking point of any home. To this extent, its no wonder we want them looking their best at all times. Besides professional carpet cleaning, there are some (yet not as effective) home remedies you can try to brighten up your carpet. Salt is often used as a brightening agent and sprinkling a little salt onto your carpet and leaving for about an hour will help restore colour and help kill off unwanted bacteria. You can also try baking soda for spills and usually a good amount of hot water on a fresh stain can help reduce the effects. Obviously, these should only be used as temporary solutions and if you want truly spectacular looking carpets, you need us! call us on 021 300 1875

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